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While we don't mean to be too pretentious or assuming, we do believe that in time as we continue to post various topics on the French Press, coffee and it's accessories that we will prove worthy to earn your trust and prove once and for all to you, that we have a true PASSION for French Press coffees. So, with that, let's just get started with our Top Five Reasons why we believe French Press coffee is better.

1. Taste

Let's be honest when you put your beloved coffee through a Mr. Coffee, you're using a paper filter that the coffee must go through. Not to be snobbish at all, but wouldn't the taste be that much less adulterated if you just left out the paper and used a non-influencing ring of steel? We think so and that is why taste is a big differentiator for using a French Press.

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2. Price

Coffee makers can cost anywhere from $15 all the way up to hundreds. In addition to that, there is the need to buy filters, cleaners and electricity to run and keep your coffee warm. With a French Press, the only added the coffee. So with less money spent on the "maker," you can either pocket the savings or buy a higher quality coffee bean.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Because using a French Press eliminates the need for a paper filter, it's safer and friendlier on the environment. And, if you wanted to, you could deposit some of your coffee grounds into your nearest plant and let the soil enjoy the flavors of those coffee grinds. For that, we give two thumbs up!

4. Control

We've never been called Control Freaks at FPA, but we do enjoy controlling the various ways one can prepare their coffee. By changing up the temperature, the amount of coffee used, the time the water is in contact with the coffee, etc. there is no end to the variety of coffee you can test out and in the end find out the best way you enjoy your coffee. Coffee makers let you adjust the coffee amount and that's about it. But when it comes to control and variety, French Presses rule.

5. Experience

In this age of automation and rushing around, it's nice to enjoy things once in a while. Whether you wake up in the morning or need an afternoon pick-me-up, few things are as enjoyable as theFrench Press coffee making experience. It's like your own little lab experience minus those funny looking goggles you had to wear in high school

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