Chicken Legume Medley

Tonight I am making dinner for one. Boyfriend is out of town so this is what I make for myself. Cooking for one is a challenge of motivation~ It's so much easier to resort to comfort foods or snacks because no one is looking. Why should I put in the effort to make delicious foods when I just need to satisfy my stomach? If your stomach pleads for efficiency as often as mine does it will be nice to know one or two recipes satisfy your sense of urgency.

My desire to put up one more recipe keeps me honest tonight and my stomach is now thanking me. In order to put something together quick, I sifted through my pantry and found my favorite ingredient, chickpeas. I love the way they taste but haven't found many opportunities to learn to cook with them.So off I went.

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Thank goodness for canned foods. I'm always wary to use too much of it because they fact that they have (what feels like infinite) shelf life seems so unnatural (almost unhealthy?!?maybe something I can look into a little further)but I'm not a health nut and I'm most definitely a cooking novice so I use canned goods quite a bit to make a lot of my dishes. All you need in this recipe is a good large pan, a small pot, and some baking trays. The recipe with fill your stomach to the brim and you will have enough leftovers to take to lunch with you the next day.

I love this recipe becausewell you guess itit's got a good deal of chickpeas and lentils! This dish is rich in flavors and the crisps from the sweet potatoes add a nice crunch in each bite. I like to make mine into the little lettuce wraps as I eat at home but I'm sure I'll resort to using a fork in order to appear less barbaric at work. Happy eatings!

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