Zucchini Ground Beef

I'm not sure if this is a thing but the past week I've had what I think is a case of maker's block. Everything from groceries to recipes for the week seemed to lack a lot in umph! So I really had to put my focus game on to make this recipe turn out and phew! I am relieved that this turned out so good. I've come to realize when in doubt go simple, go clean, and cook / stew a little bit longer.

I knew I had an overwhelming amount of zucchini (thanks to my need for color I wanted both yellow squash AND zucchinisince we we're trying out Aldi's for the first time I didn't realize we we're limited to bulk options) This week I'll be cooking with A LOT of squash and zucchini. Note to the wise, if you're trying a new grocery out maybe do a little research!

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The flavors in this recipe are brought out through the ingredients. I used only a dash of salt for the flavor. I believe the roasted garlic, the fat from the ground beefand tomatoes did the real heavy lifting. For us these types of flavors really make us perk up in our chair. Whenever I cook with rice it's always so piping hot, almost every time we burn our tongues so I like to make sure I leave a good portion uncovered and flat to air out. Funny how in this dish it looks like the plate has spit personality. Pretty much how I felt making this dish. In a hurry due to hunger but patient enough to take extra time. Worried about failing yet another dish this week but thrilled to try something new. I'm just thankful that today I am reporting one more success story. This recipe has restored my confidence in cooking maybe it's simplicity can come handy to you on a day of cooking slumps! Till next week!


/ ground beef (1 lb)

/ carrot (1/4 cup thinly sliced)

/ zucchini (1 cup julienned)

/ yellow squash (1/2 cup julienned)

/ tomato (2 tomatoes chopped)

/ lettuce (1 cup chopped)

/ rice (2 cups)

/ garlic (2 cloves minced)

/ lime

1. Start cooking your rice in a pot with about 4 cups of water.

2. In a separate pan use medium high heat and put about a tablespoon of cooking oil. I like to start with the carrots to get them cooking right away. Then I add the minced garlics. You will quickly start to smell the garlic aroma as it cooks.

3. When the garlic starts to brown throw in the ground beef and spread it around the pan letting it crumble in whichever way it desires. Keep stirring as it cooks so you know it is getting cooked evenly. The juices will soon start to run from the fat. If you are using an beef higher than 90% lean you may want to add some water.

4. When your beef seems about cooked through add your squash and zucchini and only one chopped tomato. Let it simmer together until the tomato just about falls apart. Add a dash of salt to your taste and about half a lime worth of lime juice and mix thoroughly. Then you can turn off the heat and transfer your beef concoction into a separate bowl. Preserve any fat or juice that seems unwilling to leave the pan.

5. Bring about half of the rice from the pot into the pan and cook at a high heat with about an extra cup of water. Add cilantro and the other tomato and rest of the lime if you like extra zest. Cook together for about 10 minutes or until you see no more liquids.

6. Once your rice is cooked, plate it flat to air out and add lettuce on the other half. Pour a handful of the zucchini ground beef on top and make sure you get some of the juice running through the rice. MMMM enjoy!

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