Who is Fibercraft?

West Windows has dealt with many door supplier companies and has found one that rises above the competition, “Fibercraft Door Company.”

Fibercraft is located in the small town of Hanover, Ontario. Hanover was a furniture mecca in the 1800’s and is one of the few companies that carry on the tradition today.

Bruce Schaus owner and founder of Fibercraft, creates some the newest innovative doors on the market. He uses a 3D printer to create new innovative door parts and pieces. He is a true pioneer in the door industry. His modern innovative techniques result in doors that are highly energy efficient and resistant to wear and tear.


Traditional Doors

These fiberglass doors come with a smooth surface allowing them to be painted any colour you want. There are many different panel designs and sizes available that can also be made custom to best suit your design needs.


Stained Traditional

At Fibercraft we strive to create a fiberglass door system that looks as close to real wood as possible. The fiberglass system is available in a number of wood species textures. This includes oak, mahogany, cherry and douglas fir. We are also one of the few companys that match the frame system texture to the door panel.


Modern Doors

Contemporary European design has become very popular in recent years. We at Fibercraft strive to use these design ideas and adapt them for our North American climate and market place. Modern design emphasizes individuality and personal expression. Our modern doors are created upon this premise allowing you, the customer to create a truly personalized door system to match your taste and design ideas.

Rail & Stile

The type of construction is similar to how the full glass wood doors are built. The difference is that they are made out of fiberglass and this makes for a strong sturdy panel that is maintenance free. It is also not affected by temperature and humidity changes. This type of construction allows the door to be built any size up to 48 inches by 108 inches.


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