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Watch the entire series with talking to the experts and learn about all the details that ultimately build the most dependable door on the market. Ralph West & Bruse Schaus go head to head in an exclusive in depth informational video which will help you understand why we build the best doors the GTA has to offer.

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Episode One – Door Sills

Watch the first episode of talking with the experts and learn about our door sills and what makes them more attractive & functional then your conventional product.

Episode Two – Door Sweeps

Functionality often hides in the details. In this episode with talking with the experts you will learn why our sweeps have a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Episode Three – Wood Door Frames

In this episode we take a look at the most common kind of door frame which is made from wood. Learn why this option does NOT offer the best functionality and resilience.

Episode Four – PVC Door Frames

In this episode we take a look at the competitors PVC door frame and give you an indepth look what can go wrong with this type of technology.

Episode Five – Fiberglass Door Frames

In our final episode learn about our fiberglass doors and why they offer more resilience and functionality then our competitors.