Why Use West Windows?

Iron Clad Guarantee

Ralph West  "If you purchase a window or door from West Windows & Doors and there is a problem with your installation we will make every attempt to fix it. If we cant fix it, you will get your money back. GUARANTEED "

Labour Warranty
When you buy from West Windows you get a 5 year labour warranty from West Windows as well as a 5 year labour warranty from Window Wise, which will in the event that we can no longer help you will protect you for the 5 years after your installation. Window wise is a national certification program, which guarantees that you get certified installers, a certified window and a certified contractor.


Window Warranty

Our windows from Strassburger come with 20 year warranty on the frame, hardware, paint, and glass.

Its also transferable if you decide to sell your home to the new home owner.


Door & Lock Warranty

The doors from Portatec come with a 10 year warranty on its steel doors. It also comes with a 10 year warranty on its coloured paint, and a 20 year warranty on its white paint.
Our locks for your door system are covered by our 5 year labour warranty against any defects.



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