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 Our Windows made by Strassburger offer the highest quality vinyl replacement windows which makes them the first choice for many homeowners. Built with durability and Energy efficiency, we believe they are the best long term value for our customers.

Replacement Windows made with the strongest materials
Fusion welded multi chamber frame and sash offer greater strength and durability

Profiles made with 100% virgin u-PVC powder

Lead Free

Resistance to environmental stresses (acid rain, insects, salt, air, rust, corrosion, rot etc...)

Since PVC resists the effects of weather it is virtually maintenance free it will not rust rot or corrode , and it will require no painting.

Excellent Soundproofing and Insulation

Cardinal LoE2-272 solar control Glass
Two panes of glass separated by a thermal spacer to make an airspace, which in turn is filled with argon gas, and a Low emissivity coating (Low-e) on the glass

Keeps you warmer in the winter

Cooler in the summer

Heat loss (or heat gain) through windows occurs by three methods:
     Radiant heat transfer
     Convection heat transfer
     Conductive heat transfer


Radiant Heat transfer
Low-E glass has an almost invisible, microscopically thin coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy (or heat). When interior heat energy tries to escape to the colder outside, the Low-E coating reflects the heat back to the inside. The Low-E coating reduces radiant heat loss through the glass

Convection heat transfer
The argon gas in the airspace between the glass reduces heat loss by reducing heat flow via air movement.

Conductive heat transfer

Heat transfers from warm to cold. The thermal spacer which separates the glass increases the temperature of the glass therefore reducing the transfer of heat from the warm inside in the winter to the cold out side, and from the warm outside in summer to the colder inside in the summer.

Like wise the multi chamber design of the window frame and sash increases the amount of "layers" that heat must be transferred through, therefore reducing its effect

In the Summer
The Low-E coating manages the sun's heat in the summer by reducing the amount of heat transferred through the window in the summer. The Low-E coating filters the sun's short-wave radiation, which cuts down on the amount of solar heat gain into your building. For summer comfort, the lower the indoor glass temperature, the better the product is for comfort.

In the Winter

The sun's energy is "SHORT WAVE RADIATION" which passes through the window and is absorbed by carpet, furniture, etc. The energy is then transformed into long wave radiation. The long wave radiation wants to flow from warm to cool. Naturally, it will try to escape from the glass. At night the radiant heat produced from furnaces, wood stoves, etc., will also want to escape out through the glazing.

The Low-E coating prevents this when the radiant room-side heat is reflected back into the building. This results in a lower winter U-value. For winter comfort, the higher the indoor glass temperature, the better the product is for comfort.

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Since 1984, West Windows and Doors have learned a lot about what makes a quality window and what features you as a homeowner are looking for in your new windows.

All our windows are custom made for a precise fit in your home and installed by our own company installation team. In addition, our windows reach the highest ratings of CSA testing they test for forced entry, water leakage, air leakage and wind resistance.

West Windows and Doors have a number of styles to choose from:
Single Hung,
Double Hung
Single Slider,
Double Slider,
Double end vent slider,
Bays, Bows, Casement, and Awning.

Also, when you combine the different grill and color options that are available, your choices become much more varied.
We are also members of Window Wise, which is a national certification program
that assures you that you have an approved window, an approved
contractor, certified installers, random inspections from Window Wise to
ensure you that we are doing our job, and a 5 year warranty.


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